The ITC CAMBIO device has been specifically designed to optimise the production process of certain types of packaging machines on which it is considered advisable to change the input speed according to the dimensions of the casing.

This mechanical device was developed to avoid having to change timing pulleys manually on automatic machines, where timing errors are often made when changing them.

A mechanism that modifies the transmission of motion by means of gears, with an input shaft and an output shaft arranged like a bevel gearbox.

The speed ratio that can be requested is 1:2 - 1:3; the box is equipped with a lever that allows you to change and switch from one ratio to another. Placing the lever in position number 2 (1:2) doubles the output speed, while moving the lever to position number 3 (1:3) triples it.

Installation is simple, using the threaded holes provided to secure it into position.

For further information on this type of mechanism, please contact our technical department.