EMI 100 TA is a single-cam mechanical device designed to convert the uniform rotary motion of the input shaft (input) into two intermittent motions of the two output shafts (output).

The transmission of motion is achieved by means of a globoidal cam keyed to the input shaft coupled with two dividers that split the output movement as shown in the product image.

During all operating phases there are always at least two rollers in contact and preloaded on the profile of the hardened and ground cam, thus ensuring the absence of backlash in the transmission, with improved precision and repeatability of positioning and a reduction in noise and vibrations, with a consequent reduction in wear.

They can be executed with central drive shaft and cam with right-hand or left-hand helical path. The EMI 100 TA shown in the figure has a right-hand cam.

By contacting the ITALCAMME Technical Department, it is possible to design special angles and motion laws according to your specific application requirements.