This box sanitises shopping trolley and basket handles

Technical characteristics and aspects:

1) safety for third parties: complete safety as the device cannot be operated unless the trolley is inserted; there are no voltages that are harmful or dangerous to people (the voltage is 12 volts)

2) product to be used for sanitising: the product to be used for sanitising/hygienising will be chosen by the user; therefore, ITALCAMME shall not be held responsible for the result of the sanitising/hygienising, as this depends on the type of product used and its concentration percentage, which shall be the exclusive responsibility of the user, who shall assume any and all liability in this respect

3) operational autonomy: the device is completely autonomous; no electrical or other connections are required

4) training required for operators: no specific training is required as the operator only needs to fill the container with the sanitising/hygienising product and replace the buffer battery when the LEDs are off. The battery's recharge time is approximately 2 hours and its autonomy is approximately 12 hours.

5) ACCESSORIES: - counting unit to check the number of uses; - 15-litre capacity tank; (consumption for every cycle: approx. 3-5 ml) - condensate drain tray; - device for sanitising the baskets; - 2 lithium batteries are included in the order.

All technical and electrical components are CE certified;

The mechanical components are manufactured by us and guaranteed for at least 5,000 working hours.